9 Jul 2020

Booking of Tee-Times


You maybe getting messages from the Clapphouse App for reservations of tee-times for our Wednesday competitions.

However, please note that, as before, you need to make your reservation on MASTER SCOREBOARD "Future Competitions",  and not on Clapphouse.  Otherwise you will not be eligible for our Society Competitions.

3 Jul 2020

2020: Indiv. Stableford SQ (1.7.)

The Captain with a lot of wine

Today we re-started our qualifying competitions.  We played Individual Stableford which qualified for all Society competitions but not for handicap adjustments.  Those of us who are members of the Spanish Golf Federation played off our newly adjusted Worldwide Handicap which, in the majority of cases, was adjusted upwards.  The summer season and Corona travel restrictions mean that our attendance figures are on the low side. Today we had 24 members taking part.  We welcome back Dave Tomlins, who braved the flight back to Spain.  He is the first member back from the UK after the lock-down, and coming second today, continued where he left off playing good golf.

Luc celebrating his win

 Congratulations also to Doris, Eddie Fagg and Chris for a good round of golf, with Chris beating Jan and Stan on the back 9 who also had 33 points.  And a special round of applause to Luc Verhaegen, our winner today.  We gave a special welcome to his wife Marleen, who joined us after the golf.  We wish her the very best for her operation next week.


After golf, we assembled on the clubhouse terrace to receive our prizes for all the competitions after lock-down.  Under the “New Normality” rules, there was, unfortunately, no kissing or handshakes.  However, to celebrate the occasion, we were treated to some tapas, sponsored from Society funds.


Summary of today’s winners:

Despite some good scores, nobody had. Two.


5th place with 33 points off 25 hcp – Chris van Bemmelen

4th place with 35 points off 16 hcp – Eddy Fagg

3rd place with 35 points off 31 hcp  – Doris Shearman-Earp, with a better back 9

2nd place with 35 points off 14 hcp – Dave Tomlins, again with a better back 9

1st place with 39 points off 31 hcp  – Luc Verhaegen

28 Jun 2020

The New Worldwide Handicap System

The new Worldwide Handicap System became live in Spain on 8th June and all players with Federation Handicaps had their new handicaps calculated based on the average of the best 8 scores from the last twenty competitions.


The Master Scoreboard that we use for our Society, has been updated with the new handicaps and will apply similar calculations as the WHS for our members.  As Master Scoreboard cannot link to the WH System, we are in discussion with Luis how we can manage our Society’s Handicap Qualifying Competitions to enable our members to have some of their cards accepted for their Worldwide Handicap.


Some highlights of the System are:

·      Based on last 20 Qualifying Competitions (the next competition becomes the 20th and the first is dropped).

·      Average of the best 8 scores sets the new handicap

·      No score on any hole is recorded as a net double bogey

·      Individual Stableford Competitions (playing handicaps 95%)

·      Handicap Qualifying Competitions must be played off the measured course (yellow, blue, red)

·      All members are allowed to enter one extra day score per month

25 Jun 2020

2020: Indiv. Stableford non-qualifying (24.6.)

Venue:  Bonalba Golf & Spa, 24 June 2020


This was our fourth non-qualifying Stableford competition after Lock-down. We had a good turn-out, considering the present playing situation, of 24 members and 1 guest.


Congratulations to everyone on the winners’ list.  With 33 points, Helmut was on par with Richard, but as always in this situation, the better back 9 counts, which in this case went to Richard.


My group followed the flight which included Jan Boultbee.  We saw her jump up and down on hole 14, the reason of which became clear when the result sheet came in.  She putted in for a two.  Well done, Jan, the only player with a 2 today.


Our game next Wednesday will be a bit more competitive as this will be the re-start of qualifying.  This first qualifying round will count for the Society competitions, although not for handicap adjustments.  As Spain has started to use the World Wide Handicap System, please look out for an announcement, which is coming soon, with information of this system.

And, please get ready for the first prize presentation after Lock-down, with complementary tapas, sponsored from Society funds, to celebrate our get-together.


Summary of today’s winners:

5th place with 33 points off 11 hcp – Richard Davis

4th place with 33 points off 24 hcp – Marie-Jo Lesot (better back 9)

3rd place with 34 points off 20 hcp  – Chris van Bemmelen

2nd place with 35 points off 30 hcp – Doris Shearman-Earp

1st place with 36 points off 18 hcp  – Patrick Boucard